Author: peggy

Broadening your Guitar Knowledge

Improving your guitar knowledge Learning the parts of the electric guitar is another important point to keep in mind. Playing notes involves metal pieces known as frets A tuning nut holds the strings in place on the fingerboard Your fretboard is located on the neck. The sound is created by pressing down on it. In […]

Creativity for you

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Through different ways of creativity. For myself, Peggy. I’m very much into my arts. My sister, on the other hand, loves the guitar. And goes to Guitar Tuition East London for her guitar lessons in London. And she loves learning to play the guitar. So everyone is […]

The visual arts

Visual art: examples and its attributes Different components like painting, drawing, photography, and architecture combined make the fabric of visual arts. All these forms of art craftworks which are visual. More significantly, all those creations that are visible instead of audible come under the umbrella of visual arts. Annals of history are replete with the […]

Expressive Art – Dance

                      Moving Body Rhythmically For The Sake Of Pleasure  Dance is the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually on a song or simply taking delight and relish in the movement. This is the purpose of expressing an idea or emotions in practical way. It is a powerful impulse, but it is that […]

Art can take you to heaven

Music has a superpower that connects a person to something beyond reality. It takes you to heaven and makes you feel like you are living your dreams. Music has a strong connection with our thought process that helps us to think in a better way. There are multiple dimensions to music according to the area […]

Resin jewellery making

One thing I love to do more of is resin jewellery. It looks so beautiful, all the different colours you can create with the resin. I would like to explore creating more resin furniture as well. Filling in cracks in beautiful pieces of wood, such as tables. Even computer stands. Especially with gold embossed lines […]

Home Studio Tour

Hello and welcome to the studio tour. Below are photos of my home and studio, along with images that explain the construction aspect of my design process. You’ll also find photos of several people who have helped me immensely throughout my career as a jeweler. There are many others who aren’t pictured here, and I […]