An artistic person never feels alone

Often people ask me does being an artist feel lonely.

You are alone in your studio often.

I think of it like this:

An art is the ultimate friend of a person.

A person in himself is a masterpiece of an artist. People say where you get attracted the most is the place you are meant for. I always wonder why do I feel so excited while watching or listening to any piece of art. I kept on getting amused by every piece of art till the time I realized that I am made for this. Art is a very huge dimension that has a bundle of branches in it. This includes dance, music, paintings, singing, melodies, drama, acting, poetry, writing, making scriptures and so much more which can’t even be expressed in words. All of these ways are made up of helping a person to express his potentials.

A person’s potentials lie in his masterpieces

 A person’s potentials are measured through his ability to work and earning often but I think a person’s potentials are way beyond that. If we look into the lives of artists around us, we will find that they are the most creative people who depict their thoughts into different expressions. Sometimes one of the topmost elements that force a man to make a masterpiece is his sufferings. Sometimes happiness may also lead him towards these beautiful expressions. This signifies that for the depiction of a masterpiece, a person always goes through some kinds of emotions be it happiness or be sorrow.

Without art, life feels like a boring school

If art was not introduced to mankind, the world was going to be a monotonous platform where it would have felt that robots are working all around. The feeling of putting one’s thoughts into artistic expression is one of the most satisfying emotions.

Arts give a person the confidence to love himself before loving anyone else. I think love in itself is an expression of arts. Love and arts are always an internal attribute of a person who either are depicted on a canvas or in a form of taking place in another person’s heart. These two mediums are strongly connected to each other which proves how important are love and arts in a human being’s life.