Kickstarting 2021 in creativity

I’m excited for 2021 to be a new and exciting year where I’m gonna do a ton of new hobbies. Last year I was playing guitar doing dance I even did some creative art. Obviously all of it was socially distance and I couldn’t go into the studio. They were still a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it especially playing guitar. I want to continue that this year and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to play some cakes and find some other people to play with. Once lockdown is over, if any of you are out there who want to play guitar now based in London then get in touch it would be fun to start a group for middle-aged women who are going through a midlife crisis ha ha.

I’m still making jewellery in my studio and I’m doing more with gold leaf thing and also with precious gem such as Rubys am I haven’t gone to diamonds yet maybe that’s for 2022 ha ha.

Do you check out my other pages where you can find my jewellery picking text me thanks and I’m hoping I will be able to have an exhibition this year once we can actually open up and see people in real life.

I really think having all my hobbies and jewellery making and guitar and music and dance has really helped me get through the last year I know a lot of people had a tough time and if that’s you then I really sympathise with you I hope you found lots of things to keep you occupied in your spare time. It’s really important that we have things to take her mind off things and be able to express our self it’s so healthy for our mental health. Doing things are creative can really at a part of our brain for relaxation and happiness.