Creativity for you

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Through different ways of creativity.

For myself, Peggy. I’m very much into my arts. My sister, on the other hand, loves the guitar. And goes to Guitar Tuition East London for her guitar lessons in London. And she loves learning to play the guitar. So everyone is different.

The most important thing is that you find something you are passionate about it. Whether it’s art, music, dance. Something creative. That you can really use to put your emotion into.

Different art forms are so therapeutic to us and it’s healthy for us to use them as a form of therapy. Mental health is definitely something that’s becoming more and more common and it’s my believe that the love of art can really help many people in those situations.

Hope you find something you are passionate about and go for it.

Broadening your Guitar Knowledge

Improving your guitar knowledge

Learning the parts of the electric guitar is another important point to keep in mind.

Playing notes involves metal pieces known as frets

A tuning nut holds the strings in place on the fingerboard

Your fretboard is located on the neck. The sound is created by pressing down on it.

In this part of the instrument, the vibrations of the string are picked up by a pickup and converted to an electrical signal.

The fingerboard is attached to the bridge, which holds the strings in place.

Exercises for your guitar playing

Your guitar playing progress will be greatly aided by playing regularly.

Many newbies hold the misconception that they can learn to play the electric guitar in a few months.

As a beginner, managing expectations is important. Getting the hang of how to practice can take a little while. You might not even start to enjoy playing the guitar until you get the hang of it.

It will take time, practice, and feedback to improve. I know you can do it.

I love you, you rock!

One golden rule for beginners who are learning the electric guitar is to do you.

Buy the guitar you enjoy playing, and play the music you love.

Choose a teacher whom you get along with and who will inspire you to improve your guitar skills.

If you strive to be a great guitarist. Congratulations! You can achieve what you want with your guitar playing if you work on them with your guitar teacher.

Kickstarting 2021 in creativity

I’m excited for 2021 to be a new and exciting year where I’m gonna do a ton of new hobbies. Last year I was playing guitar doing dance I even did some creative art. Obviously all of it was socially distance and I couldn’t go into the studio. They were still a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it especially playing guitar. I want to continue that this year and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to play some cakes and find some other people to play with. Once lockdown is over, if any of you are out there who want to play guitar now based in London then get in touch it would be fun to start a group for middle-aged women who are going through a midlife crisis ha ha.

I’m still making jewellery in my studio and I’m doing more with gold leaf thing and also with precious gem such as Rubys am I haven’t gone to diamonds yet maybe that’s for 2022 ha ha.

Do you check out my other pages where you can find my jewellery picking text me thanks and I’m hoping I will be able to have an exhibition this year once we can actually open up and see people in real life.

I really think having all my hobbies and jewellery making and guitar and music and dance has really helped me get through the last year I know a lot of people had a tough time and if that’s you then I really sympathise with you I hope you found lots of things to keep you occupied in your spare time. It’s really important that we have things to take her mind off things and be able to express our self it’s so healthy for our mental health. Doing things are creative can really at a part of our brain for relaxation and happiness.

The visual arts

Visual art: examples and its attributes
Different components like painting, drawing, photography, and architecture combined make the fabric of visual arts. All these forms of art craftworks which are visual. More significantly, all those creations that are visible instead of audible come under the umbrella of visual arts.

Annals of history are replete with the creations of arts. The history of visual arts is as old as human beings are. In the modern era of science and technology, visual arts are becoming increasingly technology-based. Although prehistoric visual arts were used to write history, today is also the same practice that is at hand alongside some new manners. Digging deeper into the subject, it will be quite pertinent to unearth some of the cardinal examples of visual arts that include ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making. Ceramics can be explained in a way that ordinary clay is used by the process of extreme heating to make various things like tiles, bricks, and pottery.

Moreover, these articles can be painted with different colors to add beauty. Paintings also make a part of visual arts. Throughout history, painters have been engaged in drawing paintings. Paintings were used for pictorial history writings, house beautification, and for earning livelihoods. It would be quite unfair not to mention here some of the world-famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso who will be remembered centuries to come.

Photography is yet another form of visual arts. Nowadays, photography tops the list of all the agents of visual arts because of its importance in modern times. From government affairs to entertainment to day-to-day matters, everywhere photography is taking roots. The world is fraught with the instances where classic as well as contemporary art of architecture is on the mainstream importance.

 From ancient to modern, all the architecture is significant, be it belongs to Greece, France or Italy. The architectural creations are the mirror of their times and make a central important place in the field of visual arts. Like anything else, visual arts also have some common characteristics. These traits primarily include shape, size, color, form, and space. When all these basic elements join together comes out a piece of visual arts like painting, drawing or anything like this. New trends and fashion are on the rise in the world of visual arts. Talking about some important movements of modern visual arts include impressionism, futurism, and expressionism. So, visual arts like other arts are playing their role in pushing humanity forward.

Expressive Art – Dance

                      Moving Body Rhythmically For The Sake Of Pleasure 

Dance is the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually on a song or simply taking delight and relish in the movement. This is the purpose of expressing an idea or emotions in practical way. It is a powerful impulse, but it is that impulse, routed by skillful performers into something more expressive and that may be a source of pleasure and delight to spectators. There are two concepts of the art of dance; one is dance as a powerful impulse, and the second dance is a skillful art.

In dance, the two concepts are stronger than some other arts like singing music, and no one can exist without the each other. This definition of dance covers all forms of art, and notions of philosophers and critics throughout history. The dance that is a rhythmic movement whose purpose is to show men characters as well as what they do. Actually, dancing is an elegant and regular movement harmoniously, contained beautiful altitudes and contrasted postureS of the body.

The incoherent gestures and cues by which there is express of joys and furies of brutal life. The aspect of dance in emphasizing its role is to express inner emotions by movement of body. For dance, movements are not directly related to grinding, travel or existence. Dance may be referring to the movements that are associated with activities. There are various types of dance. The interaction between dance and forms of art is discussed in folk dance. One of the most basic purposes of the dance is the expression and communication of emotions and feelings. People often dance as the purpose of releasing powerful feelings, such as accesses of high spirits, joy, leisure, relish, impatience or anger. These motive forces can be seen in the spontaneous skipping and jumping movements.

Dance helps to generate emotions and feelings as well as release them. People who dance for the sake of pleasure of experiencing the movement of the body can relish their stress and depression. Dance includes the movement of arms, back or head that is lifted back and the body that is arched or twisted. The dance movements tend to be well organized into a rhythmic or regular pattern, tracking lines and circles on the land or ground. This involves special efforts and grinds or stylization, such as high leaps and kicks or measured walks. The dancer becomes more aware of the gravitational force that always tends body towards itself and provides equilibrium. The dance creates a very difficult perception of time. You must experience it once in your life by loving art.

Art can take you to heaven

Music has a superpower that connects a person to something beyond reality. It takes you to heaven and makes you feel like you are living your dreams. Music has a strong connection with our thought process that helps us to think in a better way. There are multiple dimensions to music according to the area and culture. Music is not limited to any single place or fewer places in the world. It has vast grounds in the whole world. Every region has its own kind of melodies and its own kinds of ways to produce music.

Music is a way of life

 From a melodious voice to a heartwarming musical instrument, there are so many inventions till now which have won the hearts of people. Just like the rest of the artistic expressions, music is one of the best expressions of arts. Some people can sing well while others love to hear a sweet song. Some people groom it while others keep it to themselves. A beautiful and melodious voice is all in the authority of a person who owns it. Music is not only limited to the hands and mouth of a human being.

Nature sings the songs we hear every day

Music is chirping of birds early in the morning, music is sound of the waves an ocean produces under moonlight; music is the layer of air that touches an ear at a hilly place. Music is in all of the natural gigantic phenomena that we observe and get mesmerized of. The silence of meditation can make you feel the beating of your heart which is the best kind of beat you could feel. Music has the ability to make a person cry when he desperately wants to. Music has the potential to take you to ecstasy. Music is the foundation for dancing. It compels your body to move when the beat hits your ears. Its tendency is so vastly spread that can connect you to powers beyond this world.  

An artistic person never feels alone

Often people ask me does being an artist feel lonely.

You are alone in your studio often.

I think of it like this:

An art is the ultimate friend of a person.

A person in himself is a masterpiece of an artist. People say where you get attracted the most is the place you are meant for. I always wonder why do I feel so excited while watching or listening to any piece of art. I kept on getting amused by every piece of art till the time I realized that I am made for this. Art is a very huge dimension that has a bundle of branches in it. This includes dance, music, paintings, singing, melodies, drama, acting, poetry, writing, making scriptures and so much more which can’t even be expressed in words. All of these ways are made up of helping a person to express his potentials.

A person’s potentials lie in his masterpieces

 A person’s potentials are measured through his ability to work and earning often but I think a person’s potentials are way beyond that. If we look into the lives of artists around us, we will find that they are the most creative people who depict their thoughts into different expressions. Sometimes one of the topmost elements that force a man to make a masterpiece is his sufferings. Sometimes happiness may also lead him towards these beautiful expressions. This signifies that for the depiction of a masterpiece, a person always goes through some kinds of emotions be it happiness or be sorrow.

Without art, life feels like a boring school

If art was not introduced to mankind, the world was going to be a monotonous platform where it would have felt that robots are working all around. The feeling of putting one’s thoughts into artistic expression is one of the most satisfying emotions.

Arts give a person the confidence to love himself before loving anyone else. I think love in itself is an expression of arts. Love and arts are always an internal attribute of a person who either are depicted on a canvas or in a form of taking place in another person’s heart. These two mediums are strongly connected to each other which proves how important are love and arts in a human being’s life.

Resin jewellery making

One thing I love to do more of is resin jewellery. It looks so beautiful, all the different colours you can create with the resin.

I would like to explore creating more resin furniture as well. Filling in cracks in beautiful pieces of wood, such as tables. Even computer stands.

Especially with gold embossed lines around the resin, or with additional crystals as well to really make the pieces stand out even more.

Home Studio Tour

Hello and welcome to the studio tour. Below are photos of my home and studio, along with images that explain the construction aspect of my design process. You’ll also find photos of several people who have helped me immensely throughout my career as a jeweler. There are many others who aren’t pictured here, and I give my deepest and heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Below is my family home, I love my stripy chairs.

The book shelves are full of ideas and inspirations that help me daily to create my pieces.

The only extensive drawing class I’ve ever taken is mechanical drafting for furniture design. As a result I design and construct many of my pieces like a piece of furniture and I begin with a line drawn sketch. I formulate ideas by beginning with a concept of what I want to relay, or simply by challenging myself to experiment with different forms, techniques, and design principles. The image to the left is a page from my sketchbook.

The similarity between my work as a jeweler and furniture maker is that each piece, most notably the one-of-a-kinds, is a technical challenge and requires a lot of thought and planning. The difference is that I don’t have the machines to cut precise angles and I cannot simply glue and clamp the parts together. All of the joints and angles are created by hand with a file, and mostly by eye for precision. Each joint is soldered by hand, and with every soldering operation the piece must be reheated, running the risk of melting any previously soldered joint.

For the more technically challenging pieces I often follow my drawing to every detail, but there are many times that I alter the design as it comes to life. New ideas have a way of presenting themselves as a piece begins to reach its full form. Changes sometimes require a trip back to the sketchbook to ensure that balance and proportion are in check. When my jewelry making wishes come true everything falls into place and the result is a piece that is both visually and emotionally satisfying.

Another source of inspiration for my design process comes from playing and experimenting with objects in my ‘parts bin’, shown at left. These parts consist of found objects, left over parts from other pieces, rejects, and for lack of a better word…doodles. Designing in this manner can be a lot of fun, as it is more spontaneous. The downside is that it doesn’t always work out for the best and I end up with another piece to throw into the bin. Not to worry though, the bin has a way of recycling itself and proves to be a constant source of inspiration.