The visual arts

Visual art: examples and its attributes
Different components like painting, drawing, photography, and architecture combined make the fabric of visual arts. All these forms of art craftworks which are visual. More significantly, all those creations that are visible instead of audible come under the umbrella of visual arts.

Annals of history are replete with the creations of arts. The history of visual arts is as old as human beings are. In the modern era of science and technology, visual arts are becoming increasingly technology-based. Although prehistoric visual arts were used to write history, today is also the same practice that is at hand alongside some new manners. Digging deeper into the subject, it will be quite pertinent to unearth some of the cardinal examples of visual arts that include ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making. Ceramics can be explained in a way that ordinary clay is used by the process of extreme heating to make various things like tiles, bricks, and pottery.

Moreover, these articles can be painted with different colors to add beauty. Paintings also make a part of visual arts. Throughout history, painters have been engaged in drawing paintings. Paintings were used for pictorial history writings, house beautification, and for earning livelihoods. It would be quite unfair not to mention here some of the world-famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso who will be remembered centuries to come.

Photography is yet another form of visual arts. Nowadays, photography tops the list of all the agents of visual arts because of its importance in modern times. From government affairs to entertainment to day-to-day matters, everywhere photography is taking roots. The world is fraught with the instances where classic as well as contemporary art of architecture is on the mainstream importance.

 From ancient to modern, all the architecture is significant, be it belongs to Greece, France or Italy. The architectural creations are the mirror of their times and make a central important place in the field of visual arts. Like anything else, visual arts also have some common characteristics. These traits primarily include shape, size, color, form, and space. When all these basic elements join together comes out a piece of visual arts like painting, drawing or anything like this. New trends and fashion are on the rise in the world of visual arts. Talking about some important movements of modern visual arts include impressionism, futurism, and expressionism. So, visual arts like other arts are playing their role in pushing humanity forward.