Art can take you to heaven

Music has a superpower that connects a person to something beyond reality. It takes you to heaven and makes you feel like you are living your dreams. Music has a strong connection with our thought process that helps us to think in a better way. There are multiple dimensions to music according to the area and culture. Music is not limited to any single place or fewer places in the world. It has vast grounds in the whole world. Every region has its own kind of melodies and its own kinds of ways to produce music.

Music is a way of life

 From a melodious voice to a heartwarming musical instrument, there are so many inventions till now which have won the hearts of people. Just like the rest of the artistic expressions, music is one of the best expressions of arts. Some people can sing well while others love to hear a sweet song. Some people groom it while others keep it to themselves. A beautiful and melodious voice is all in the authority of a person who owns it. Music is not only limited to the hands and mouth of a human being.

Nature sings the songs we hear every day

Music is chirping of birds early in the morning, music is sound of the waves an ocean produces under moonlight; music is the layer of air that touches an ear at a hilly place. Music is in all of the natural gigantic phenomena that we observe and get mesmerized of. The silence of meditation can make you feel the beating of your heart which is the best kind of beat you could feel. Music has the ability to make a person cry when he desperately wants to. Music has the potential to take you to ecstasy. Music is the foundation for dancing. It compels your body to move when the beat hits your ears. Its tendency is so vastly spread that can connect you to powers beyond this world.